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Finance & digital payments, Retail, Security, Tourism & digital media, Transport & logistics, Utilities

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Tiesse SpA was founded in the end of 1997 by a group of technical designers and managers with many years of working experience in multinational companies. Tiesse designs and manufactures fully Italian made professional routers with wired (ADSL, ISDN, HDSL, S.HDSL, G.SDHSL) and wireless (GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA/LTE) connectivity option. Today Tiesse is a “Smart” Company ready to compete in EU and LatAm Markets with experience in the Mission Critical Router Market as well in M2M vertical Market. Tiesse is certified by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for R&D, manufacturing, sales and post-sales of hardware and software telecoms and data collection products. Addressed Markets with Broadband & Mobile Routers (more than 20.000 Routers shipped every years) 1. Lotteries’s dealers, Sporst betting corners, Betting corners: with more than 70.000 ADSL, ISDN,HDSL, 2G and 3G connectivity 2. Petrol Station, Gas Station:more than 4.000 Core e Mission critical routers for Payments, remote control, loyalty and fuel unattended dispenser management 3. In-Veichle 3G Routers more than 1.000 Mission & Enviroment Critical 3G routers for Internet Access 4. Remote Control & Telemanagement: Rack Mountable Mission critical routers for Energy HV/MV substation remote control with V35, E1 and others industrial interfaces 5. Payment Gateways with Mobile 3G Back-up:Retail stores, discount stores chains, insurance agency, bank branches, temporary shops,… Addressed Markets with M2M devices (more than 250.000 M2M devices installed) 1. Slot Machines / Gaming market:more than 140.000 M2M + GPS for tracking & remote management 2. Energy meter data acquisition: more than 50.000 M2M 2G & 3G M2M remote control, 3 Industrial Automation, Remote Control & Telemanagement, 4. Solar, Green e renewable energy equipment Remote Control, 5. Traffic control systems, Automatic Ticketing Machines Digital Signage



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English , French, German, Arabic

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Ombretta Miraglio - 0125230544

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