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21STYLETorinowww.21-style.comE-government, Mobile apps, Multimedia, Tourism & digital media21Style make innovation, we apply innovation in any software and products we design. 21Style are Enterprise and Software Architects, so we can help our client to implement the best infrastructures for their systems. 21Style are Web 2.0 Innovators, but because we are innovators, we prefer to talk about Web 3.0 (Semantic Web). 21Style are Creatives and we think about the future, not the present.02English Gian LucaFarina Perseugianluca.farinaperseu@21-style.com3387179663Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
3ATorinoWWW.GREEN-PLANET.ITAgrifood3a S.r.l. is an Italian company that has been working in the field of agrometeorology and DSS for agriculture for approximately 16 years. The company was created by the integration of the founders’ expertise in meteorology, agronomy and ICT. Focusing its activities within the sphere of integrated farming, 3a S.r.l. organised itself to provide technology and consulting services, identifying agrometeorological information as a fundamental factor in agriculture, in the rational control of pest management and the use of water resources. It is a founding member of the AIAM (Italian Association of Agrometeorology) and participates in several research projects in agrometeorology. It is a recognised member of the ICT cluster in Turin (ICT Pole), which brings together the most innovative companies in industry. It is participating in several research projects in partnership with universities. To achieve its strategy, 3a is organised into two integrated areas: the first one deals with technical assistance in agriculture, while the second one provides ICT tools to support the farmers. A permanent technical team that supports farms in defining strategies for pest management, fertiliser plans, production plans, quality control and food safety provides agronomic consultancy. The ICT area, placed in Turin, deals with the management of agrometeorological information, the development of modelling and DSS platforms and techniques to disseminate information and warnings to farmers. To achieve both goals (supporting 3a’s technology and farmers in the agro-management) a digital ecosystem of applications (Green Planet platform) has been created. This platform allows, on the one hand, the population of the source database with information required by the DSS, such as meteorological data, field observations, geo-referenced maps and, on the other, the generation of advanced processing, including the development of predictive modelling, and the dissemination of this information in different ways. 5200006English MASSIMODE MARZIISmassimo.demarziis@green-planet.it0114378552Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics
5TTorinowww.5t.itIntelligent transport system (its)ITS systems development and management for Public Administration and Public Transport operators in Italy, Calypso award for Piemonte ticketing system.050English , French, SpanishFrancescaMarinettofrancesca.marinetto@5t.torino.it0115764318Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics
aizoon ConsultingTorinohttp://www.aizoongroup.comConsultanciesInformation Technology consulting on logistics applications, CRM, manufacturing, business intelligence, networking, architectures, security. 23606500459English , French, German, Spanish, Arabic, OtherLauraPiovanolaura.piovano@aizoon.it0039 011 19507211in corso di costituzione "Aizoon USA" San Francisco - CaliforniaUnited States of AmericaCommercial, Production, R&Dwww.aizoongroup.comaizoOn AustraliaAustraliaCommercial, Production, R& Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte,Piemonte Naval Technology,Piemonte Health & Wellness
AL.MEC S.R.L.Cuneowww.almec.netEnvironmentWe are a mechatronic company, we design electronic systems for industrial and special vehicles. We experienced in ecology sector, with refuse collection vehicles, but the versatility of our electronics makes our products suitable for different application. Recently, we entered the medtech sector with a new company brach, AL.MEC Medtech.012English , FrenchIvanoAlbarelloalbarello@almec.net0173742821PIF Automotive,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Piemonte Health & Wellness
ALMAVIVARomawww.almaviva.itBpm, E-government, Finance & digital payments, Intelligent transport system (its), Transport & logisticsIl Gruppo AlmavivA è il leader italiano nell’Information & Communication Technology, possiede una consolidata esperienza e una profonda conoscenza dei diversi settori di mercato, pubblico e privato. Il Gruppo AlmavivA opera a livello globale, con 38 sedi in Italia, 16 all'estero, 32.500 persone e 700 mln € di fatturato, è presente anche in Brasile, Tunisia e Cina. L’offerta del Gruppo AlmavivA comprende servizi ICT e soluzioni basate su Cloud Computing, outsourcing di servizi CRM che utilizzano tecnologie innovative in grado di assicurare l’eccellenza nel CRM 3.0 e soluzioni Big Data & Advanced Analytics per la gestione e la valorizzazione delle informazioni. La ricerca e la sperimentazione di nuove tecnologie insieme a partner internazionali sono alla base del successo di AlmavivA. 70000000030000English , French, German, Spanish, Portuguesemaurogattoms.gatto@almaviva.it0115576566Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics
AQVATECH ENGINEERING Torinowww.aqvatech.comE-healthDesign and marketing of high-tech tools to monitor the performance of athletes in training and development of equipment to increase safety in sport. Partners: Piscine Castiglione, Myrtha Pools , Starpools, Culligan, TYR. 1800003English , FrenchALESSANDROBURESTAalessandro.buresta@aqvatech.com3663209717Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Piemonte Health & Wellness
ASSIOMA.NETTorinohttp://www.assioma.netFinance & digital payments, Transport & logisticsWe are developed methodology to guarantee the scope of project and the quality of services and we are developing software (WMS) 9894195101English giovannide srlSouth KoreaR&DThink Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
B-PLAYTorinowww.b-play.comAutomotive, Consultancies, Mobile apps, Multimedia, Retail, Tourism & digital mediaWe are a digital and multimedia agency. We develop digital platforms&contents. Our projects has strong attention to digital and multimedia content production. We are the video digital agency for Fiat and Maserati brands and we work for 7 years for the automotive industry (FCA, Alfa Romeo, Mopar, Fiat Professional...) in web and digital contents (invention&production) arena. Other main clients are: illy, Lottomatica, Daikin, La Perla, Generali.80000012English LucaPineiderluca@b-play.com0110262050Piemonte Creative Industries. Design + Luxury,Piemonte Food Excellence,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
B.E.A.Torinowww.beanet.itSecurityBEA is a high tech company providing covert audio surveillance and tracking solutions to government agencies. The company has an in-house R&D department and a Manufacturing facility capable of providing prototypes and pre-production runs. Over the years we have acquired extensive know-how in a number of specialised fields: - Audio signal processing - RF Engineering - Sensor technology - High speed wireless data modems and infrastructures - Global Positioning Systems & GIS Our products are currently in use in fifteen countries distributed across five continents.176600016English , French, German, Spanish, PortugueseLoredanaSpigainfo@beanet.it0113285311Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
bMoobleTorinowww.bmooble.comAgrifood, Automotive, Bpm, Energy, Environment, E-government, E-health, Finance & digital payments, Intelligent transport system (its), Mobile apps, Retail, Smart buildingbMooble supplies a technology platform to any organization who needs to deploy remote monitoring and control services on a wide scale for machineries, plants, energy and environment projects. We support our partners and customers in designing, prototyping and delivering the final solution they need. We make our software technology available either in licensing or in SaaS (Software as a Service).06English , GermanGuidoColombogcolombo@bmooble.com011 2303625PIF Automotive,ECOmpanies: Go green with Torino Piemonte Italy,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte,Piemonte Health & Wellness
BylogixRomawww.bylogix.itAutomotive, Consultancies, Intelligent transport system (its), Transport & logisticsbylogix is an ISO 9001:2008 engineering company working for the automotive, railway, naval, industrial sectors in Italy and abroad. We design and develop SW and HW for embedded electronic devices, validation and testing systems, analyse functional safety requirements following current standards (IEC61508, ISO26262, ISO25119, ISO13849, IEC 60601, EN50126, EN50128, EN50129). We work both on single components and complex systems, from R&D to large-scale production. Some clients: SKF, Ferrari, FIAMM.90010English , French, Spanishfrancescoricciardifrancesco.ricciardi@bylogix.it011740585Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
C SYSTEM S.R.L. Torinowww.csystem.itAutomotive, Consultancies, SecurityC System offers fully equipped solutions, from eBusiness to supervision and control systems, off-the-shelf products as well as customized applications focused on the integration and simplification of business processes. Furthermore, C System provides a large selection of development services as well as IT consulting. Whereas the standard products do not meet specific business requirements, C System can provide customized solutions built upon the customer's needs. 030English PrimoNorainfo@csystem.it0125 637167Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Design Building Living
CARETEKTorinowww.caretek.comE-healthInnovative technologies for frailty and active aging: fall detection; immobility detection; emergency call; environmental monitoring; activity monitoring: evaluation of daily activities, caloric intake, especially designed for elderly people Outdoor monitoring: tracking, geofencing Telemedicine: blood pressure, blood sugar, temperature, oxygen saturation, weight, BMI 2680942English Luca CarloFelettiluca.feletti@caretek.it011 0696140Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Piemonte Health & Wellness
CASTELLINO SOFTWARE S.N.C. DI CASTELLINO ING. ROBERTO E C.Cuneowww.castellino.comMobile apps, Tourism & digital mediaWe develope deep and unique tecnologies, and have market knowledge and experience in Travel Industry. We provide web and marketing solutions for Tour operators, Travel Agencies, Travel Agents and Destination Management Organizations. We also provide advise servicies on these markets. We are also owners of technologies and know how about Loyalty Program Systems. We provide full service: Strategic Advise, Project, Web graphics and communications, Web development, Web hosting on our servers. 50010English , Germanrobertocastellinoroberto@castellino.com0171735097Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
CELITorinowww.celi.itMultimediaCELI is a Natural Language Processing Company. We provide software solutions, algorithms and methods to process the unstructured information (text) in multiple languages, transforming it into intelligence useful to other applications with Natural User Interfaces (NUI). Our solutions enagle third party technology products such as: speech applications, text analytics, semantic search, opinion mining or social media intelligence tools, and easy business processes that can access to web application with no need of IT integration. 198500025English , French, German, Spanish, Russian, OtherBeataDobrzynskadobrzynska@celi.it340 3086429Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
Consoft SistemiTorinowww.consoft.itConsultancies, E-government, E-health, Finance & digital payments, Mobile apps, Multimedia, Security, UtilitiesConsoft Sistemi S.P.A. is an Italian company active on the ICT market since 1986. It has offices in Torino, Milano, Genova, Roma and Tunis, 450 employees and an annual turnover of around 27 million Euros. Consoft Sistemi’s offer is focused on 6 thematic areas in which the company is able to create ‘end to end’ solutions for its customers through consultancy, training, system integration and managed services: IT Governance, Business Performance Management, Business Integration, Extended ERP and Telecommunications. Always committed on innovation Consoft Sistemi has participated and participates too regional, national and european research projects. Its customers are in different markets, the main ones are: Telecom Italia, Intesa San Paolo, CSI Piemonte, Prysmian, GE Avio, Sogei, Edenred, Il Sole24Ore, SKY. 22877088388English , French, Spanish, SISTEMI MEA sarlTunisiaRepresentation, Commercial, ProductionThink Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
CONSORZIO MOSAICOTorinowww.consorziomosaico.itE-government, E-health, Intelligent transport system (its), Mobile apps, Transport & logisticsA permanent consortium combining different qualified competences provided by major companies operating in the domain of ICT, Public Aministration and Healthcare both on a regional and on a national level. MOSAICO’s mission is to provide complex solutions, requiring strong competence integration and considerable project management and project delivery skills. The MOSAICO Consortium provides end-to-end solutions ensuring complete process management through the integration of organizational, functional and technological skills.64000001000English , FrenchGIORGIOBERTOLOTTIgiorgio.bertolotti@consorziomosaico.it3356295424Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics,Piemonte Health & Wellness
DATALANTorinoDatalan.itAgrifood, Automotive, Energy, Environment, E-health, Intelligent transport system (its), Security, Transport & logisticsOptimization of production process and cost. Quality and reliability. Efficiency and functionality. Efficiency and cost reduction. Quality and professionality.04English RaffaeleTroianoraffaele.troiano@datalan.it0110897002ECOmpanies: Go green with Torino Piemonte Italy,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Piemonte Health & Wellness
De Agostini LibriNovara, Mobile apps, Multimedia, Tourism & digital mediaEducational projects, tourism and digital media. Main clients: McDonald's Italy, ExxonMobile.27400000104English , French, German, SpanishDavideGallottidavide.gallotti@deagostini.com0321424922Torino Piemonte Graphic Arts & Excellences,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
DIMENSIONE Torinowww.gruppodimensione.comE-health, Security, Smart building, UtilitiesGruppo Dimensione has a complete range of maintenance services, assuring customized solutions and cost optimization for final client. Together with its staff, it is also in a position to guarantee a 24-7 on-call service for emergency requirements. The offer also includes the possibility for the client to carry out the programmed maintenance of the electric, mechanical and data transmission systems so as to assure a continuous perfect functionality, thereby preventing obsolescence. The Group, through the division S.I.M.A.F. System, deals with the design, production and installation of: special window frames, both designed and traditional, in thermal-cut aluminium, cold-cut, mixed aluminium/wood, stainless steel and in special alloys; semi-structural and structural curtain walls in aluminium, galvanized and painted steel, stainless steel; external metal coatings in aluminium, Alucobond and painted steel; sockets with automatic sliding, hinged and circular doors. A particularity of this division is the production of frame components directly in its own workshop. To complete the offer, metal carpentry works are included, realized with the state-of-art technology and always with the maximum professionalism19000000100English , French, German, Spanish, Chinese, ArabicClaudioMajavaccac.majavacca@gruppodimensione.it0114066601FranceCommercial, Productionwww.gruppodimensione.comDimensione SASwitzerlandRepresentationwww.gruppodimensione.comThink Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics,Design Building Living,Piemonte Health & Wellness
DISIGNUMTorinoWww.disignum.itMultimedia, Retail, Tourism & digital mediaDigital show room / shop. 01English , 0287187080Piemonte Creative Industries. Design + Luxury,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
Divis.itTorinowww.divis.itAgrifood, Automotive, Bpm, Consultancies, Educational, Energy, Environment, E-government, E-health, Finance & digital payments, Intelligent transport system (its), Mobile appsENIXUS is a service for monitoring the performance of databases, capable to anticipate failures, prevent defects, allowing in this way to maximize business continuity. The service is remotely provided, without a direct connection to the DB kept under control, leaving unchanged the security levels; Enixus do not access data in your database, but works in passive mode with a minimal resources use.5247008English , FrenchPietroLerdalerda@divis.it01251906141www.divis.itThink Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
DUEVI SNCTorinowww.duevi.euSecurityDUEVI is a firm born in Turin in 1993 designing and producing industrial and civil anti-intrusion systems. Great flexibility, dynamism and client orientation are the most important features of the company which is always ready to find alternative solutions for its most demanding customers. DUEVI is constantly growing, its turnover is increasing of 30% from year to year and all its profits are invested in research and development with the aim to become a solid reality in the security system field both in Italy and abroad thanks to the peculiarity and the reliability of its products. At the beginning, the firm mainly “satisfied” the civil sector becoming famous internationally, with mix alarm systems (radio and wire), afterwards, DUEVI focused on perimeter protection systems expanding his market to high security sites.415English , French, SpanishSanteseAlessandroexport@duevi.eu0117701428Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
DYLOG ITALIATorinowww.dylog.itAutomotive, Multimedia, Security, Tourism & digital mediaHotel Booking Solutions: web applications for Hotels, Chains, Municipalities, Tourism Promoters, Tour Operators to increase on line sales and cut negotiation and management costs. Property Management System for every kind of hotel. Dynner: complete Food & Beverage Management System. Cronos: proximity readers for Access and Attendance Control based on RFID technology. Top-level quality, design and flexibility. Solutions for building construction, industry and tourist resorts. Dylog Security System & Car Check: video surveillance solutions for motion detection, activity detection, anti terrorism and vehicles licence plate recognition. Dyxim: X-Ray technology Hardware and software solutions for non invasive Quality Control for Food and Drugs Industries 150000000300English , French, German, Spanish, RussianAlfredoMomomomo@dylog.it011 6938233Dylog SAMMonacoRepresentation, Commercial, Logistic, Production, R&Dwww.dylog.frThink Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
EDUTRONIC SRLTorinowww.edutronic.itEducationalDevelopment and production of Multimedia Educational systems, like Multimedia Language Laboratories, Language Laboratories, Multimedia Educational Networks, Virtual Recorder software etc. All these products are dedicated to schools at all levels, Universities, professional Training Centres etc. Main clients in Italy are schools of every level, we have supplied more than 600 systems to same number of Italian schools. Main clients abroad are companies distributing our systems to schools of every country of the world like Mexico, Argentina, Algeria, Ethiopia, Vietnam, etc. 6423004English , French, SpanishMASSIMOVOLPIm.volpi@edutronic.it0119629200Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
EICAS AUTOMAZIONETorinowww.eicas.itAutomotive, Finance & digital payments, Intelligent transport system (its), Transport & logisticsThe main activity areas are: industrial automation, automatic digital control, innovative application for robotics (also applied to aeronautics sector) and machine tools, software tools for the automatic control design and rapid control prototyping, sophisticated techniques for safety, FDIR and dependability, automotive, space (autonomous attitude determination of spacecrafts from star measurement only), handling of flexible materials, discrete manufacturing automation.5909527English , French, GermanGabriellaCaporalettig.caporaletti@eicas.it0115623798PIF Automotive,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics
ERPLANTorinoerplanAgrifood, Consultancies, E-health, Transport & logisticsRFID technology applied to logistic, production and quality assurance fields. Logistic and production consultancy, MES systems for food / pharma / chemical industry, data collection and elaboration for supply chain and logistic sectors. 012English AndreaGrisolanoandrea.grisolano@erplan.eu011/3816801Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics,Piemonte Health & Wellness
EURESYSTorinowww.euresys.itIntelligent transport system (its), Retail, SecurityEuresys has been supplying Italian and European enterprises since 20 years with services and solutions in the field of data collection (Presence, Gate, Production) achieving a strong market presence thanks to the assistance of partners and retailers. Since 2001 Euresys fulfills ISO9001 and Visual2000 requirements, the latter regarding software production. Euresys is always been focused on new market solutions and technological innovations. It has always been efficiently innovative supplying advanced products to grant its customers with the best suitable solutions. Micron Technologies (Switzerland, Germany), Federal Mogul, Technogym, Cisco, Ge healthcare,...185000018English , FrenchALDOCASTOLDIcommerciale@euresys.it0112621925Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
EXETECH Torinowww.exetech-smartwatches.comRetailSmart Watch-Phone Android stand alone650001English Fabiano AlfredoZamunerfabiano.zamuner@exetech.it3666873566Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
EXPERIENTIAAutomotive, Educational, Energy, Environment, E-government, E-health, Intelligent transport system (its), Mobile apps, Multimedia, Smart building, Tourism & digital media, Transport & logisticsIntegrate design into your strategy. Identify future opportunities. Understand and engage with your customers. Explore and enter new markets. Innovate product and services. Shape customer touchpoints.022English , French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, OtherMarkVanderbeekenmark@experientia.com390118129687Piemonte Creative Industries. Design + Luxury,ECOmpanies: Go green with Torino Piemonte Italy,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics
Feedback ItaliaTorinowww.feedbackitalia.itEducational, Environment, E-government, E-health, Finance & digital payments, Mobile apps, Multimedia, SecurityThe easymeeting™ claim “We secure your communication” underlines one of the main advantages of our solution: the platform is designed in a client-server architecture to assure the maximum level of security; everything is encrypted: audio-video communication, data transfer, application sharing and documents server platform; the easymeeting™ server can be installed in any private network to add further security elements (such as encryption, standard, proprietary or military-grade VPN tools, etc.). We also assure the interoperability of our customizable software solution with any kind of hardware devices and the integration with any other application. The quality and scalability provided by the solutions implemented by Feedback Italia, can achieve very important goals in terms of revenues and margins, mainly when marketed in partnership with a Telco.300000024English , French, Spanish, Russian, OtherLorellaBalansinobalansino@feedbackitalia.it01119501111FEEDBACK INDIAIndiaCommercialwww.feedbackindia.inThink Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
FIDATorinowww.fidaonline.comFinance & digital paymentsApplication in financial sector. Main clients: Interactive Data (Germany), Borsa Italiana (Italia), VWD (Germany). 140000016English BarbaraMastrangelomastrangelo@fidaonline.com0115813777Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
FINANCE & digital paymentsFinance Evolution is an ICT Consulting & Business Solution company focused on Finance Sector (Banking, Financial Market and Insurance). Finance Evolution offers solutions and services for others important areas such PA, Publishing, Tourism, Health, Utilities and its activities have started since 2007 both on italian and foreign markets. 532697580English , French, Spanish, PortugueseGIOVANNIRADISgiovanni.radis@finance-evolution.com0115773411Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
FINSOFT SRLTorinowww.finsoft.itConsultanciesFinsoft is an ICT Consulting Company operating in the Italian market since 1983. The company has developed and implemented his business and technology troughout the years in many consulting's fields. Finsoft is mainly specialized in the following areas: ICT, SW Engineering, Process and Logistics Engineering - RAMS and Integration and Testing - V&V. Below are reported all the company fields of application and listed some main clients for each field of activity. Automotive, some main clients are: Fiat S.p.A. and CRF. Telecommunications, an important client we assist is Vodafone Italia S.p.A. Transportations, main clients are: ALSTOM S.p.A. and Alenia SIA S.p.A. Banks, an important client is Banca Intesa Sanpaolo. Public Administration, we devoloped some project for CSI-Piemonte and Regione Piemonte. Insurance, main clients are: Reale Mutua Assicurazioni and Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. Finsoft promotes a quality corporate system certified by Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008. Every business developed by Finsoft is quality oriented and in order to mantain this high quality standard we keep it always updated.0120English , FrenchMassimoCrepaldim.crepaldi@finsoft.it0117414911Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
Geo4Map srlNovarawww.geo4map.comEducational, E-government, Mobile apps, Tourism & digital mediaSpecialized in Geographic Data Base management. The fields of application are: tourism promotion, cultural heritage management and web mapping. Our main clients come from Italy ( DeAgostini Editore, Touring Editore, MIBACT - Soprintendenza dell'Umbria, Parco del Ticino, White Star, Pubblitour, Turismo Torino, Provincia di Cremona, Isnart, ecc.).09English Piemonte Graphic Arts & Excellences,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics
GPS STANDARDAostawww.gps-standard.comSecurityGPS Standard is a leader in the security sector and is present, with discretion, with our partners, in many important plans for the design of the most sophisticated intrusion and video surveillance systemes. With our experience we can respond to all security requirements, including the most extreme and delicate. We protect residences, companies, offices, banks, hotels, public buildings, embassies, prisons, airports and stations, stadiums, hospitals, military sites, ports, pipelines, mines, petro-chemical sites, nuclear facilities, electrical and gas distribution sites, roads and infrastructure, villas and museums, archaeological sites, monuments and many more. We design and manufacture a wide range products that are constantly updated and supported by complete and detailed documentation. We are different because of the excellence of our proposals, the wide range of alternative technology solutions that are intelligent, integrated and completely customised. We provide high level technical assistance, available throughout the project up to final hand-over. Favourable trading terms, impeccable logistic support close to the customer, training courses and qualified technical support both by telephone and on-site. 810621774English , FrenchLUCACAPULAstefania.costabloz@gps-standard.com0125968611GPS PERIMETER LTD UKUnited KingdomCommercialGPS STANDARD MIDDLE EAST TURCHIATurkeyCommercialGPS STANDARD MIDDLE EASTTurkeyCommercialThink Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
H&S CUSTOMNovarawww.hscustom.itRetail, Tourism & digital mediaHSC develops solutions for Customer Experience in fashion retail and cultural heritage, solution for anti-counterfeiting and grey market prevention and innovative store systems based on different technologies for the idinteification of goods ( Internet of Things) and people ( e.g. loyalty card, NFC ) - It works for one of the major international player in the luxury and fashion and in one of the leaders optician chain in Europe, but also for medium size organisation. It parners with communication and technology players to provide unique solution to the fashin retailers worldwide.5300006English , FrenchFiorenzoOttinarenzo.ottina@hscustom.com0163 81 80, ecowallet.itThink Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
HAL SERVICEVercelliwww.halservice.itE-government, Smart buildingDesign, implementation and management of wireless networks for broadband distribution through Base Stations, Hotspot, intranet, and multi-channel communication platforms web application, smart grid and smart services for environmental monitoring. Customer: public administration, multi-utility, large and medium-sized businesses and consumers.228000017English , 016322183Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
HICARE RESEARCHTorinowww.luna-decision.comBpmBusiness Intelligence - Corporate Performance Management - Advanced Business Analytics. Industries: Banking, Insurance, Retail, Fashion, Sporting Goods, Energy, Logistics, Automotive. Sectors: Controlling, Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Sensitivity Analysis, Simulation.90011English , French, German, SpanishMassimilianoCavallomassimiliano.cavallo@hicare.com0112258551Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
INCOMEDIATorinowww.incomedia.euMultimediaWebSite X5 is the software designed and developed by Incomedia that lets anyone, from beginners to expert users, create their own Web Sites, Blogs and e-commerce Stores all by themselves. It's available in 14 languages and sold in over 40 countries via a network of distributors.250000020English , French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, RussianFedericoRanfagnif.ranfagni@incomedia.eu0125253491Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
INFORMATICA SYSTEM S.R.L.Cuneowww.infosys.itAgrifood, Bpm, Educational, E-healthInformatica System (IS) is a System Integrator, operating in the market since 1982. IS was founded by a pool of former Olivetti researchers . IS has specific know-how for analysis, R&D and delivery of Hw and Sw platforms, WEB solutions and ICT -solutions integration on wired or wireless communication infrastructures. Know-how of platform access technologies, User Interface technologies and platform delivery. IS has a specific and consolidated offer for Local Public Administration, based on affordable, innovative and solid solutions to support Public Administration services delivery. 500000048English , FrenchSergioBlenginisergio.blengini@infosys.it01745800Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
INTECS SPATorinowww.intecs.itAutomotive, Consultancies, Energy, E-health, Mobile apps, Smart buildingIntecs provides the innovative SW&HW technology, engineering services and products for dependable safety- and mission-critical electronics systems. Intecs designs and develops applications, tools, SW&HW components and products for Aerospace, Defense, Transport, Telco and Smart Systems markets with major European Industries and Research Centres. We are an international leader in System Eng., mastering the whole value chain from Prototypes, Simulators, Automated Test Equipment to the end product. 36169717630English , French, German,, Commercialwww.intecs.itGermanyCommercial, R&Dwww.intecs.itTorino Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Piemonte Major Appliances,ECOmpanies: Go green with Torino Piemonte Italy,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
INTELLISEMANTIC (ATTIVA)Torinohttp://www.intellisemantic.comBpmIntellisemantic is a semantic and text mining company providing solutions and engines for technical, scientific and business applications. Our solution MyIntelluPatent is an advanced and customizable solution for technology and market intelligence supported by patent information. MyIntelliPatent is used by technology innovation intensive companies like Agusta Westland in avionics and DeNora in chemical plants and Others. Our engine IntelliFacet for semantic categorization and text mining is easy to be integrated in custom projects and platforms for extracting the most relevant information from scentific, medical, business and legal documents as well as from CRM reports, e-mails, news. 502English , French, 011 9550 380Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Piemonte Health & Wellness
IREM SpA TorinoWWW.IREM.ITEnergyDesign, manufacturing and marketing of electromechanical and electronic equipment for the control and management of the power supply, among them: 1) automatic voltage regulators, line conditioners, voltage optimisers, etc. 2) luminous flux regulators for energy saving in lighting plants; 3) Hydro electric power plants 4) Powering of discharge lamps for professional applications.10700000110English , French, German, Spanish, PortugueseSandraBussosvm@irem.it011 9648211ECOmpanies: Go green with Torino Piemonte Italy,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte,Piemonte Health & Wellness
IRIONTorinowww.irion-edm.comConsultancies, Finance & digital paymentsWe develop IrionDQ®, a product that’s continuously evolving: it’s a complete, flexible system capable to answer efficiently to data quality & management matters and lets us to develop Packages of rules to address the particular needs of our customers. We support our clients with expert advices in specific fields, combining business requirements and information technology. We’re thus involved in several complex projects which engage stressing analysis, design, develop and test stages. Although we traditionally target our expertise to manage financial matters (banking/insurance), our suite can be involved in several other areas too (like, for instance, energy or industry). Our major customers in Italy are at the moment Banca Intesa San Paolo, Banco Popolare and BNL. In the United States our principal referring is Bank of New York / Mellon. 517515251English ALBERTOSCAVINOalberto.scavino@irion.it011-2257781Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
ITHACA - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE, COOPERATION AND ACTION (ATTIVA)Torinowww.ithacaweb.orgEnvironment, SecurityThe non-profit association ITHACA, based in Torino, Italy, is a center of applied research devoted to support humanitarian activities in response to natural disasters by means of remote sensing techniques. ITHACA has built strong competences in the field of acquisition, management and elaboration of geographic and cartographic data for emergency response purposes, delivering methodologies, analytical services and technical tools to improve the capacity of the international humanitarian community in early warning, early impact assessment and other risk management related areas. 018English , French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, OtherLucianaDequalluciana.dequal@ithaca.polito.it01119751855Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics
ITTRADING SRL Cuneowww.ITtrading.comFinance & digital paymentsITtrading develops solutions for the most innovative financial institutions serving more than 6 million users. Front-end and back-end solutions, Online Trading and Information platforms, Processes and Applications for Financial Consultancy, Technical Analysis, Investment Strategies and Support. Cutting-edge solutions, thanks to constant activities in quantitative research and continuous exploration of new software technologies.15000009English , French, German, Spanish, Russian, OtherSaraMondinosmondino@ittrading.com026797181Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
LASER INFORMATICA E SERVIZIAostaE-health, Finance & digital payments, Mobile apps, Tourism & digital mediaWe operate on two technological areas, each one validated by certifications universally acknowledged that attest their high quality level: Web integration: progettazione e sviluppo di soluzioni flessibili verticali integrate con i sistemi informativi centrali Mobile integration: design and development of vertical flexible solutions integrated with central computer systems025English , FrenchAnnaPAGANELLIanna.paganelli@laser-group.com0125636101Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
LIBRE S.C.Torinolibreidee.comEducational, Finance & digital payments, Mobile apps, Multimedia, Tourism & digital mediaLibre is developing a platform for interactive, responsive quiz and assessment for educational and incentive purposes. This platform could be used by teachers, publishers, who want offer a new way for sharing test and assessmentes.3000008English , French, SpanishMatteoDispenzamatteo.dispenza@libreidee.com011 1970 3297Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
MICRONTEL Torinowww.microntel.comSecurityAccess Control, Time&attendance, Shop floor data collection.023English , FrenchPaoloVenacapaolo.venaca@microntel.com0112234811Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
Modelway SRLTorinowww.modelway.itAutomotive, Energy, EnvironmentModelway is a software engineering company focused in design and development of tailored services for modeling, prediction and automatic control of complex systems. The firm was founded by highly skilled engineers and professors from Politecnico di Torino. The company services are devoted to R&D and Innovation Engineering departments of our customers. The company mission is the development of innovative software that will be integrated in the final system in order to ensure the performances optimization, by reducing time and cost of development. Ours technologies are currently on the market and industrialized in the Automotive, Aerospace, Energy&Environment and Mechatronics sectors.1500006English , FrenchIlarioGerleroilario.gerlero@modelway.it0112258261Torino Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
NFCTECH.EUTorino apps, Multimedia, Retail, Tourism & digital mediaTechnologies: indoor & outdoor positioning and navigation, augmented reality, social shopping & native adv, gamification, visual search; Sectors: Cultural Heritage, e-tourism, retail, logistic; Main client: Palazzo Madama Torino. 01English , Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
Partner & PartnersTorinowww.partnerinweb.itAgrifood, Automotive, Educational, E-health, Mobile apps, Multimedia, Retail, Security, Smart building.7500007English AlessandroMichelia.micheli@partnerinweb.it011/852869Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Piemonte Health & Wellness
PESS TECHNOLOGIES SRLAstiWWW.PESSTECH.COMSecurityWe design, produce and commercialize security systems anti-theft (burglar) and anti-intrusion alarms suitable for civil residences, commercial and industrial establishments (private and public). Our systems are both wired and wireless. They are modular and have distributed intelligence. We boast more than 100 products intended to high end security centrals. The wide range of products is completed by two microprocessor systems, i.Go and i.Boxer which, thanks to their high technology level, can resist on global security market concurrence. Beyond the most advanced functions of our anti-intrusion systems, i.Boxer system realizes procedures for freely definable technical alarms management and home automation functions. It also allows the realization of domotics without restrictions with maximal flexibility. Our systems communicate and interact trough fixed telephone line (PSTN) or GSM network. With i.LAN and i.webserver cards, the system integrates IP video surveillance functions. Reliability of our security products reassures our distributors and their final customers particularly giving them 5 years of warranty. Our products advanced technology is covered with typical Italian design. Our society has emphasised the Made in Italy, giving deep sense of that concept: the product, entirely designed and fabricated in Italy, in fact, acquires value which goes beyond the simply qualitative dimension and offers to the consumer particular emotional space. The attention of high technology added to the scrupulous design care and the decision to use increasingly big suppliers allowed us to create products which distinguish themselves in both national and international security market. Our customers are specialized agencies in the security sector, distributors, installers, large companies and Government agencies in Italy and abroad.010English , French, SpanishCIRORAIAciroraia@pesstech.com0141293821Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Design Building Living
POLIMATICATorinowww.polimatica.itAutomotive, EnvironmentProcess Management Architectures to implement the Business Process Reengineering. Extended Content Management Solutions to integrate the “state of art” products in the market. Application Development from Need Analysis to Software Design and Implementation. 363816950English , French, GermanAlessandroMartinengoalessandro.martinengo@polimatica.it0119578410ItalyECOmpanies: Go green with Torino Piemonte Italy,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
PrimeurMilanowww.primeur.comAutomotive, Consultancies, Energy, Finance & digital payments, Retail, Security, UtilitiesPrimeur is a multinational company and one of the main producers of middleware solutions for heterogeneous IT systems. Primeur is specialized in the management of companies’ static data and data that is transferred both within the organization and to the outside world. It is a leader in solutions for End-to-End Governance of data flows, Managed File Transfer (MFT), End-to-End Security and File Control and Traceability technologies. Primeur provides software and services for SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), communication middleware, legacy application integration and data security. With more than 500 customers world wide – including large companies operating across all sectors - it has branches and distributors in Europe, the US, South America and Asia Pacific.030English , French, German, Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
PROJECTIZEwww.projectize.euConsultanciesAt Projectize we provide our clients with practical support to help them achieve their strategic goals and projects' success by applying project and programme management methodology, tools, techniques and best practice to their own working environment. We do so through: Providing skilled project management resources Designing and Implementing Project Management Offices (PMO) Customized training and mentoring on the job.2340003English , French, Spanish, ArabicSaraAinardisara.ainardi@projectize.eu01119824247Projectize LimitedUnited KingdomRepresentation, Commercial, Logistic, Production, R&D Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
PROXIMA CENTAURITorinowww.proxima-centauri.itEnergy, EnvironmentScalable energy and indoor climate management systems in complex organization and buildings. Networks of verification, reading, controlled remotely via the Internet, applicable to homes, offices, shopping centers and manufacturing.40833612English , 5382208Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
SI.PRO. DI BUGLIONE ING. VINCENZO & C. S.A.S.Aostawww.sipro.netMultimedia, Security, Smart buildingOur company operates in the plant engineering sector since 1987 and specializes in the design, implementation and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment and telecommunications. Since the company has always operated researching and experimenting with technological solutions and products of high quality and reliability that have led the company to take on today in all respects the role of "System Integrator". The company is located in the Valle d'Aosta but operates throughout the national territory and is today paying even the foreign market.149193119English , 016535610Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Design Building Living
SISVEL TECHNOLOGYTorinowww.sisveltechnology.comIntelligent transport system (its), Mobile apps, Multimedia, Security, Smart buildingSisvel Technology is the research, development, and technical consulting company, within the Sisvel Group, one of the world’s leaders in managing intellectual property (IP) and maximizing the value of patent rights.350000015English , 0119904770Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
SITITorinowww.siti.polito.itEnergy, Environment, Intelligent transport system (its), Security, Smart building, Tourism & digital media, Transport & logisticsThe Institute is able to propose innovative methodologies and tools for the evaluation and the monitoring of tourist flows (outdoor and indoor) to the aim of understand the behaviour of visitors/tourists in open spaces or indoor thourgh GPS or Rfid trackings, decision supporting systems for urban public policy advice, identification of innovative scenarios of territorial development, spatial analysis, planning evaluations such as InViTo Interactive Visualization Tool.45000030English , French, Spanish, PortugueseRAFFAELLAMOTTAraffaella.motta@siti.polito.it01119751551ECOmpanies: Go green with Torino Piemonte Italy,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics
STREAMTECH SNC di Davide Montoro e C.Torinowww.streamtech.itEducational, E-health, Mobile apps, Multimedia, Tourism & digital mediaHardware, software and provider merged in a simple streaming solution.1000003English , SpanishMarcoPasqualinimarcopasqualini@streamtech.it3345931582Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
STS ELETTRONICA Torinowww.stselettronica.ccSecurityManufacturer of outdoor detectors.450000012English ADRIANOZANINIa.z@zaniniadriano.eu3358128715Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
SynesthesiaTorino, Educational, Mobile apps, Multimedia, Retail, Tourism & digital mediaWe focus our business into the design and the development of high-quality and highly effective solutions for digital marketing, communication, entertainment, information, automation for both consumer and B2B business needs. We develop Mobile Apps for the main mobile operating systems, integrating advanced solutions like Mobile Payment, Augmented Reality, iBeacons. We create web solutions for eCommerce, eLearning, Web Sites and ad-hoc Web Applications.43000015English , FrenchFrancescoRonchifrancesco.ronchi@synesthesia.it0110437401Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
TECNILABCuneo, MultimediaTecnilab Group is nowadays a leading player in the field of cutting edge technology thanks to more than 30 years’ experience in the field of language laboratories, multimedia equipment and pharmacy automation. Thanks to its focused strategy and ongoing investments, Tecnilab has strengthened its position in recent years - not only in Europe but also on the international market. Company export sales currently represent to more than 70% of total turnover. The are several reasons for this success: close control over every stage in the production process, product reliability, the advanced technology employed, maintenance service efficiency, innovation, the ability to forecast market needs and, especially, matchless design. Over the years, Tecnilab has therefore managed to bring together constant development in research and technology and improvements in quality involving not only manufactured goods but the company management system as a whole. While the company has an expert technical and IT organization, the real added value comes from its long term research. Opinion, suggestions, the on-the-job experience of customers and business partnerships are all great sources of new ideas and projects in both the multimedia and pharmacy automation sectors. 740English , French, German, Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Piemonte Health & Wellness
Teoresi spaTorinowww.teoresigroup.comConsultanciesTeoresi is an international company headquartered in Turin (Italy) that is actively taking part in the technological evolution boasting its global capability on engineering services to provide design, development and consulting expertise. Teoresi broadened its market penetration thanks to distribution agreements established for a set of world class technical software vital to the engineering world particularly focused on analytical modelling, simulation, controlling and software development. 10100000235English , French,, Inc.AmericaCommercial, Production, R&Dwww.teoresi.usTorino Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Piemonte Major Appliances,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte,Piemonte Naval Technology,Piemonte Health & Wellness
TESI SPACuneowww.tesisquare.comAutomotive, Bpm, Finance & digital payments, Intelligent transport system (its), Retail, Transport & logisticsTESI SCM: Supply chain management applied to industry and banks (budget and cost management), is the software solution created by TESISQUARE to help companies and their suppliers in managing the entire buying cycle, from negotiation to order execution, saving time and improving the quality and reliability of the information. TESI TMS: transport management system applied to industry, services and retail. TESISQUARE proposes a solution for companies that wish to control and manage all phases of the primary and secondary transport costs in a structured way, also for multi-route shipments (road, ship, air, rail) and/or multi-supplier (outsourcers, 3PLs or 4PLs, dispatchers, couriers and small independent carriers). TESI TC1 Distribution is the first sector chain portal active in Europe, that allows an extended collaborative approach among the different players of the Retail sector (Producers, Logistics Operators and Distributors). Customer: Carefour, Bennet, Conad,Crai,Eataly Avio, Sogefi, Indesit, Mapei, Italcementi Geox, Tod’s, Benetton, Miroglio Diageo, CocaCola, PepsiCola, Peroni 198000000210English , Frencheugenioartusioeugenio.artusio@tesisquare.com0172476301TESI INTERNATION BV NetherlandsCommercialwww.intl.tesisqure.comtesi france sarlFranceCommercialwww.intl.tesisquare.comThink Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
TIESSE Torinowww.tiesse.comFinance & digital payments, Retail, Security, Tourism & digital media, Transport & logistics, UtilitiesTiesse SpA was founded in the end of 1997 by a group of technical designers and managers with many years of working experience in multinational companies. Tiesse designs and manufactures fully Italian made professional routers with wired (ADSL, ISDN, HDSL, S.HDSL, G.SDHSL) and wireless (GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA/LTE) connectivity option. Today Tiesse is a “Smart” Company ready to compete in EU and LatAm Markets with experience in the Mission Critical Router Market as well in M2M vertical Market. Tiesse is certified by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for R&D, manufacturing, sales and post-sales of hardware and software telecoms and data collection products. Addressed Markets with Broadband & Mobile Routers (more than 20.000 Routers shipped every years) 1. Lotteries’s dealers, Sporst betting corners, Betting corners: with more than 70.000 ADSL, ISDN,HDSL, 2G and 3G connectivity 2. Petrol Station, Gas Station:more than 4.000 Core e Mission critical routers for Payments, remote control, loyalty and fuel unattended dispenser management 3. In-Veichle 3G Routers more than 1.000 Mission & Enviroment Critical 3G routers for Internet Access 4. Remote Control & Telemanagement: Rack Mountable Mission critical routers for Energy HV/MV substation remote control with V35, E1 and others industrial interfaces 5. Payment Gateways with Mobile 3G Back-up:Retail stores, discount stores chains, insurance agency, bank branches, temporary shops,… Addressed Markets with M2M devices (more than 250.000 M2M devices installed) 1. Slot Machines / Gaming market:more than 140.000 M2M + GPS for tracking & remote management 2. Energy meter data acquisition: more than 50.000 M2M 2G & 3G M2M remote control, 3 Industrial Automation, Remote Control & Telemanagement, 4. Solar, Green e renewable energy equipment Remote Control, 5. Traffic control systems, Automatic Ticketing Machines Digital Signage 050English , French, German, ArabicOmbrettaMiraglioo.miraglio@tiesse.com0125230544Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
TOP CONSULT Torinowww.topconsult.itBpm, E-governmentoffer is articulated on the automation of all the processes related to the creation and archiving, the search and distribution, the management of flows and e-compliance of unstructured documents (both paper and digital). It enables this way to carry out the ‘dematerialisation’ of document flows that is today acknowledged as one of the main factors in order to enhance the efficiency of both private and public companies at all levels. Main clients : Luigi Lavazza spa, Lavazza Coffe, L'OREAL ITALIA and RINA SPA, and more. Internationa Award: ICT Innovation for SMAU MILANO 2014260000028English , FrenchPIER LUIGI ZAFFAGNINIplzaffagnini@topconsult.it0115805994Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
TOWER TECHNOLOGIESTorinowww.towertech.itMobile apps, Retail, Smart building, Tourism & digital media, Transport & logisticsMobile apps for retail and enterprises. Our customers: Scholl, Reckittbenkeiser, Bottega Verde, Comune di Torino, Gustissimo.900003English 011 5630820Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
ur fog srlTorinowww.urfog.comSecurityUR FOG is a Security Fogging Systems manufacturer for security and alarm system international market.3700006English , Spanish, Portuguese, Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
VASTALLATorinowww.vastalla.comBpm, Consultancies, E-government, Finance & digital payments, SecurityVastalla is an ISO 9001:2008 certified engineering and ICT company that offers IT consulting services, software engineering and system integration activities. Vastalla conducts Research & Development activities, also on behalf of thirds, aimed to the development of systems, subsystems and components in ICT, telecommunications, mechatronics and transports in space, aeronautical, terrestrial and naval domains.750354English , French, PortugueseStefanoChiadòstefano.chiado@vastalla.com0117950435Torino Piemonte Aerospace,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
WIICOMTorinowww.wiicom.itAutomotive, Energy, Environment, E-health, Intelligent transport system (its), Smart building, Transport & logisticsWiicom designs low power embedded and boxed Wi-Fi modules for industrial device. Wiicom Wi-Fi modules are ideal solution for OEMs that have a limited Wi-Fi or RF expertise in automotive, E-Health, smart Building and Factoty. In fact the modules eliminate development time on board of equipments, the burden of testing and certification, allowing customers to exclusively focus on core product. Main customers in Italy are Prima Electro, Bitron, Teseo, Knorr-Bremse, ecc. and customers abroad are Bosch, JohnDeer, Iguana Yachts, Securlift, ecc. 2000010English PAOLOLANDOLFOpaolo.landolfo@wiicom.it0113043224PIF Automotive,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
XENIALABhttp://www.xenialab.itBpmXenialab develops the xCALLY Cally Square suite. A full contact center software solution available on the cloud or on premises. The solution is currently deployed all around the world in almost 50 customer. , SpanishDiegoGosmardiego.gosmar@xenialab.it01119886500Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
ZirakCuneowww.zirak.itAutomotive, Mobile apps, Tourism & digital media, Transport & logistics, UtilitiesThe sake for innovation and for mastering technology frontiers along with strong commitment to customer satisfaction, are the focal points for our ad-hoc solutions, tailored to specific needs. Zirak provides extensive support, ranging from architectural analysis and requirements management to implementation and validation of customized state-of-the-art solutions.141085921English , 0174 554307PIF Automotive,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
ZUCCHETTITorinowww.zucchetti.comSecurityRfid and Biometrics applied to Security for access control and Time&attendance. Manufacturer of hardware and software: 360° solutions able to talk with other security worlds as well (Video surveillance, anti intrusion detection, electronic lock).3000000005English , French, SpanishAlbertoBanzolaalberto.banzola@axesstmc.com3666161309Zucchetti RomaniaRomaniaRepresentation, CommercialZucchetti BrasilBrazilRepresentation, CommercialZucchetti UsaUnited States of AmericaRepresentation, Commercial, LogisticThink Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte